rebranding a city

April 16, 2012

The challenges of rebranding a city include not only representing the people, but also including the history and vision of the future.
A couple of months ago, the tourism division of the city of São Paulo, Brazil unveiled their new identity and branding strategy designed by Romulo Castilho. A lot of work has gone on in the city as part of the preparations for the World Cup and Olympics coming to Brazil in the next four years. As part of these preparations they discerned the need to communicate the city’s culture and personality. Thorough research was into the history and cultures that embody the city of 19 million.

In an excellent interview by Ideafixa, Castilho discusses how the the identity is embodied in four different statements that celebrate the sense of community, diversity and culture that lead up to the brand statement, “Viva tudo isso!” or, “Live all of this!” This is an inviting statement that that welcomes engagement and supports ideas of excitement. The brand as a whole is solid in it’s execution and properly expresses the vibrant culture and unique rythmns of São Paulo. The logo by itself, in my opinion is a little weak although it is solidly backed up in both mathematics and historical research. The colorful burst does remind me of the colorful skyscrapers found in the city, but at the same time it too closely resembles the new Kraft Foods logo, which is a failure of a logo in itself.

Castilho has developed an extremely respectable and viable brand strategy for a very diverse and exciting city. On his personal website he states, “Identity is not only about expressing the here and now of a city. It is to project how it wants to be seen tomorrow.” While the logo is not completely original in concept the idea as whole will definitely succeed in raising the perception and image of the city.

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greatest artistic influences

david carson

Obviously, this man is full of himself and loves to parade around his pride. However, he is the man I most attribute to opening my mind in regards to the exciting possibilities of typography & form.

milton glaser

A study of his work & theory has inspired a quest to understand his mastery of the communicative power of form, typography & color. His work reminds me of the miracles that good design can cause.

walt disney

I credit this man for arousing my creativity & teaching me to believe in a dream & having the courage to fight for it.

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